It’s a whole new ball game.  We love our county and we want like-minded folks to help us make it the best county in the state.  In the past, the Carroll County Democrat was looked upon as an unlikely candidate to make it into office. We are in the midst of changing our direction. It’s exciting, while at the same time challenging.  But, we’ve always looked at challenges with open eyes.

So, what’s this mean to you as a Democrat?  It means we are taking a more central path.  Most Carroll Countians view politics with a moderate angle.  While many of our members believe in the right to bear arms for example, other members may not.

That’s ok.  We can agree as a group to compromise and believe in the second amendment with logical moderation.

Every point of view is important to us, but when topics require clear and justified choices, we as a group will be able to back the best decision that balances with every member of the society.  Easier said than done?  You bet.  But we’re willing to make the effort to figure out how to get it done.

Can we please everyone?  Probably not. Our new direction will include educating our members to learn how to give and take. It’s part of our new philosophy. Rome wan’t built in a day and neither was Carroll County.

Working with our neighbors is part of our new initiative. We’ll listen to other points of view and work diligently to resolve our differences. There is always a way, and we know we can find it together.

We are very excited to take this new journey together.  We look forward to your help.