Since the Club Year runs May – May, we are now in the 2021-2022 Club Year. The PICNIC IS COMING BACK, so you can pay at the picnic (, now in Westminster.

Or, send those dues to Mark Wilson, 1699 King Richard Road, Eldersburg, MD 21784.
Dues are $15 for an individual, or $25 for a couple/family – unchanged for years and years and years!
Such a bargain! And in this election year, so critical!
Make your checks payable to “CCDemClub” or “Carroll County Democratic Club”.
OR, if you prefer to use PAYPAL, WE NOW DO THAT: for details on how to pay via PayPal (it’s a little tricky).
NOTE: Please give us this information:
– Which club year these dues are for (club years run May-May, so we’re in the 2020-21 club year now, and the 2021-22 club year starts in May 2021).
– Email address (so I can make sure you’re on the newsletter distro)
– If we can list your name in the next newsletter (NEW)
– If you’re new, how you heard of the club

In return for your dues payment, you will be sent a super-spiffy membership card  – woohoo!
Keep ‘em coming!

  • Mark