Since the Club Year runs May – May, we are now in the 2021-2022 Club Year. The PICNIC IS COMING BACK, so you can pay at the picnic (https://ccdems.com/event/ccdemclub-annual-picnic/), now in Westminster.

Or, send those dues to Mark Wilson, 1699 King Richard Road, Eldersburg, MD 21784.
Dues are $15 for an individual, or $25 for a couple/family – unchanged for years and years and years!
Such a bargain! And in this election year, so critical!
Make your checks payable to “CCDemClub” or “Carroll County Democratic Club”.
OR, if you prefer to use PAYPAL, WE NOW DO THAT: https://ccdems.com/the-club-now-takes-paypal/ for details on how to pay via PayPal (it’s a little tricky).
NOTE: Please give us this information:
– Which club year these dues are for (club years run May-May, so we’re in the 2020-21 club year now, and the 2021-22 club year starts in May 2021).
– Email address (so I can make sure you’re on the newsletter distro)
– If we can list your name in the next newsletter (NEW)
– If you’re new, how you heard of the club

In return for your dues payment, you will be sent a super-spiffy membership card  – woohoo!
Keep ‘em coming!

  • Mark