Action Steps to Stay Politically Active While Staying at Home, and Make an Impact!

Get involved with the effort to build a Big Blue Wave this November!
1) Carroll County Phonebank
2) Ways to support Jamie Raskin’s e-election
3) Write Postcards with Flip the West to Flip the Senate Blue

1) Carroll County Phone-bank
From Justin Wilson, Regional Organizing Director of MDDEMS.ORG:
Here is the information about our phonebanking program:
With the rise of school closings and people working from home during the coronavirus outbreak, I have decided that the best way to build up the party and prepare our Pennsylvania export program for roll out is to set up weekly remote phonebanks. Starting this week, I’ll be hosting a training every Monday @ 7:30pm on zoom video conferencing.
The URL for that training is
Hopefully we can recruit more and more volunteers in the coming weeks.
Our script has three priorities:
– Informing folks of the postponement of the MD primary and to emphasize the importance of voting by mail,
– gathering information from voters to help increase voter turnout in 2020 and 2022 as well as
– identifying folks who are willing to volunteer in a big GOTV operation for the general election for Pennsylvania.
If we prepare now, we can turn PA blue in November!
Here’s the link to sign up:
Here’s the link to make calls:


2) Jamie Raskin says:
If you would like to continue to support my work for the Big Blue Wave with Democracy Summer 2020, PLEASE CLICK HERE!
Paid for by Jamie Raskin for Congress, P.O. Box 5418, Takoma Park MD 20913 United States


3) Write Postcards with Flip the West to Flip the Senate Blue

“Flip the West’s postcard campaigns are focused on flipping the U.S. Senate. Winning the Senate is key to the future of the courts, expanding healthcare, protecting the environment, racial justice and so many other critical issues. With all plans for canvassing on hold, reaching voters with postcards becomes tremendously important.

Currently our postcard campaign is in Iowa. We are writing to voters there, urging them to elect Democrat Teresa Greenfield to the U.S. Senate. Polls in Iowa show that she has a real chance to defeat Republican Senator Joni Ernst, a true Trump lackey.

Once you sign up, you will receive your list of names and addresses in an email within 72 hours.”

Here is the sign-up link: