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CCDemClub NEWSLETTER #229, 7/22/2021
Note from the President (NEW)
Upcoming Club Meetings
– Sunday July 25, 2021: Picnic (UPDATED)
– Saturday August 28: Brooke Lierman Sykesville Meet & Greet
About the Club (UPDATED)
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Note from the President (NEW)
Dear friends,
We are looking forward to seeing you this coming Sunday, July 25th at our CC Democratic Club picnic taking place at Landon Burns Park at 700 Gist Road in Westminster from 1pm – 4pm.
Please remember to bring a non-perishable food item (or items) to the Club’s food drive that will take place at the Picnic. Our food drive will benefit the Little Free Pantry (in alley by St. Paul’s United Church of Christ) in Westminster, MD. If you need ideas on what to bring, please refer to the list included in the Events section in this newsletter.
Update on Gift Basket Raffle: We will be holding a gift basket raffle at the Picnic to raise money for the Club’s Good Works Fund. There are 4 great gifts that will be raffled off:
  • A $50 Flood Zone gift card.
  • Drink Local handcrafted wood beer caddy with opener filled with 6 craft beers from Flying Dog Brewery in Frederick and beer koozie.
  • 2 wines (one red, one white) from Old Westminster Winery in Westminster, MD in a galvanized 2 bottle wine caddy
  • Treat basket with sweet and savory treats from our wonderful local businesses
Raffle tickets will be 6 for $5. If you can bring exact change, that would be great. Over the past 3 years, the Good Works Fund has given donations to help various groups and organizations in the County that serve Carroll County residents.
We also have elected officials and candidates for the 2022 midterm elections attending the Picnic. They include:
  • Don West, Chair of the CC Democratic Central Committee
  • Congressman Jamie Raskin (who is also bringing several of his Democracy Summer Fellows)
  • Dr. Mona Becker, Mayor of Westminster
  • Gubernatorial Candidates
    • Tom Perez
    • Esther Baldwin from the Mike Rosenbaum for Maryland campaign
    • Jon Baron
    • John King
  • CD-01 candidates
    • Dave Harden
    • Jennifer Pingley
    • Mia Mason
See you Sunday!
Kate Sanner, President of the CC Democratic Club
Upcoming Club Meetings
* Sunday July 25 Picnic: 1-4pm
    At Landon Burns Park in Westminster. See details below. NEW LOCATION!
* Sunday July 25, 2021: Picnic (UPDATED)
After years out in Union Bridge, we are MOVING the picnic to a more central location: Landon Burns Park, July 25, 1pm – 4pm.
The park is located adjacent to the Ag Center and Farm Museum at 700 Gist Road in Westminster.
We have LOTS of candidates scheduled to attend, including Congressman Jamie Raskin and FOUR (count ’em, FOUR) Gubernatorial candidates! See details in the “Note from the President, above).
The club will provide “communal” food (hamburgers and hot dogs, water, some sodas), but guests are encourage to bring their own personal items as well. (In years past, there was a lot of sharing, but this year we’ll skip that except for the club-provided items.
You do NOT need to sign up in advance – just come and enjoy!
The picnic is free to members; non-members $10. As always, Mark will be accepting club dues for anyone who wants to join up at the picnic.
We hope to have various candidates and officials come to speak – details as they become available.
Food Drive that will take place at the CC Democrats Picnic on July 25th to benefit the Little Free Pantry in Westminster, MD
Our food drive will benefit the Little Free Pantry (in alley by St. Paul’s United Church of Christ) in Westminster, MD.
We will be collecting non-perishable food to keep the pantry stocked for our Carroll County neighbors who are experiencing food insecurity.
Please consider bringing any of the following items:
– Canned Meats and Fish – with pop top lids if possible or if you cannot find canned goods with pop-top lids, please consider including an inexpensive can opener.
NOTE: Tuna and chicken also come in pouches.
– Hearty canned soups, stews, and chilis
– Shelf stable milk and non-dairy milks (nut, soy, oat)
– Canned beans
–  Canned vegetables
–  Canned fruits, applesauce, fruit cups
–  Pasta
–  Ramen noodles
–  Rice
–  Tomato Sauce
–  Peanut butter
–  Oatmeal
–  Low sugar cereals (not super large boxes as they need to fit in the pantry)
–  Nuts
–  Dried Fruit & Trail Mix
–  Granola Bars
–  Breakfast bars (e.g., Kind Breakfast bars)
Please also consider giving foods that are portable and be easily eaten by our neighbors who may be experiencing homelessness.
Items have to fit in the pantry, so super-sized cans are not recommended.
If you have any questions about what to donate, please feel free to contact Kate at kates…
* Saturday, August 28: Brooke Lierman Sykesville Meet & Greet (NEW)
From 3pm – 4pm at Patapsco Distilling Company, 7609 Main St, Sykesville, MD 21784.
The Carroll County Democratic Club will be posting notices of Carroll County events that are shared with us by Democratic candidates in the 2022 primary elections. They are for informational purposes only and do not serve as an endorsement of any candidate.
Postcards to Voters (PTV)
If you would like to get involved in getting Democrats elected but can’t see yourself doing phone-baking or door-to-door canvassing, then postcard writing may be for you. Writing postcards to voters is one of the best ways to reach out to voters around the country about their local elections or to sign up for vote by mail. There are elections going on right now (with many more to come next year) and you can be part of getting Democrats elected by writing friendly, handwritten postcards. As a volunteer postcard writer, you will provide the postcards, stamps, and time, PTV will provide what to write, thorough instructions, and addresses of voters.
To learn more about becoming an authorized writer, go to
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About the Club (UPDATED)
We work to promote Democratic ideals and candidates. We also present speakers on topics of interest to voters at our meetings. We’re based in Westminster. Our email address is ccdem… .
Officers and meeting information:
The newsletter will always have the LATEST information on upcoming meetings.
The meeting minutes are posted in our Google Group folder:
We are now in the 2021-2022 club year (club years run May-May).
We have 15 paid members, in 13 memberships, with 6 NEW/FIRST-TIME MEMBERS!
Our most recent NEW member is Susan Casey.
(We even have TWO paid members for NEXT year, 2022-23.)
To join by check OR PayPal:
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We send out a weekly newsletter listing all the news and upcoming events for the next month or so, emphasizing the newly-added or updated events.  NEW and UPDATED items are marked and highlighted. For information on joining the club, see “About the Club” at the end of the newsletter. Any problems, or to submit items for the newsletter, email wils… For new items, include a URL if possible.
As always, you can also go to at any time to see the full calendar and details.
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– Mark
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Jamie Raskin:  Contact his district staff at 301-354-1000 if you need any assistance.
Moving Forward Podcast: , with host Kate Sanner.
To get on the  Carroll County Democratic Central Committee’s mailing list, email Tom Scanlan at trsc…
To give DIRECTLY to the local food bank, Carroll County Food Sunday, go to the CCFS donation page:
This page is always available, and ensures your donation directly benefits folks here in Carroll County.
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