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CCDemClub NEWSLETTER #205*, 2/4/2021

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Note from the President (NEW)

Dear friends,

I hope this finds you all well. (Heads up: this is more of an essay than a note.)

So much has happened since I wrote the last Note from the President on the morning of January 6. Since then, we welcomed in the new Biden-Harris administration and we now have decency and integrity back in the White House. We finally have a national plan to beat COVID-19 and a COVID-19 rescue plan proposed to provide much needed economic relief. There are so many crises that were caused by or left unaddressed in the last administration and it is now once again up to Democrats to address them and repair the damage. However, I have faith that President Biden and his administration will meet this challenge head on. Biden tweeted this image the other day and I find it reassuring as well as motivating.

Happily, we now have two new Democratic senators from Georgia who give President Biden the backup he needs in Congress. Democrats have the opportunity over the next two years (before the 2022 elections which may increase or decrease our ranks) to have legislation passed that will finally substantively address climate change, healthcare, and income disparity, as well as restore voting rights, and overturn Citizens United – to name just a few of our priorities.

On the dark side, we are processing and dealing with the attack on our Capitol by Trump-incited insurrectionists on January 6. It is another day in our nation’s history that will live in infamy. We came so close to losing our democracy that day and sadly, we are not out of danger. More people voted for Trump in 2020 than did in 2016 – knowing full well the harm he inflicted, the damage he had done to our institutions, our norms, our values. Despite all this, they said “Give us more of that.” So…they must want it, agree with it, need it…and they are not going anywhere. We 81 million plus who voted for Biden will have to work even harder against these forces than we did before the election. Thank goodness we have templates for success we can follow that worked so well to get Biden and the Georgia Democrats elects elected.

So, what are we Democrats to do here in Carroll County? How can we be bold?

Last January, the Democratic Club held a special event that focused on and proposed tangible things we could do to get ready for the presidential election. We had a great turnout and we came away with a list of things we could do throughout the year until the election (I still have the list posted on my home office wall). I know we were all motivated to remove Donald Trump from office. Now that we have done that, we see that it is not enough. Trump was a symptom – Trumpism remains, the lies remain, Republican commitment to power and money remains. All we can do is make change where we live – as much as we can, in any way we can.

I will be honest with you – it was so much easier when the Club was meeting in person. I’m a hands-on person, a doer and having an agenda for every month helped keep me focused and organized. Though I attend Zoom meetings for a couple other groups, I have been hesitant (for a few reasons) to hold one for a CC Democratic Club meeting but I am open to reconsidering and will let you know if we can give it a try.

So, let me start a virtual to-do list right here – things we can do to start making change where we are, where we can. This is just a start and I will add on over time. If you have ideas or additions, please let me know. (Please note, we cannot make any structural changes to how the Club operates. The Club has officers and directors as well as by-laws and to make any change requires motions, discussion, and voting by its officers.)

1. Learn about our local government over the next few months. Learn about our County Commissioners system (and which commissioner district you live in), our county court system, our Board of Education, your Democratic or Republican Central Committees, and all other county elected positions.

If you live in a city or incorporated town in Carroll County that has its own government structure (e.g., Westminster, Taneytown, Hampstead, Sykesville, Mt. Airy, to name a few), learn about that structure and who are serving as elected officials now.

Learn about our state legislature. Start by learning what state legislative district you live in and who are your representatives in the State Assembly and State Senate.

Why? Because: 1) local elections are coming soon – some municipality elections take place in 2021; most county and state legislature in 2022; 2) local government affects your day-to-day life the most and yet, many people cannot tell you how their local government runs nor who represents them in these elected positions. (I will admit that I knew the bare minimum until I ran and was elected to the CC Democratic Central Committee.) And if you don’t know who is in charge, then you are not invested in the process of local government and you will not show up for those non-presidential year elections that get those people chosen in the primaries and then elected in the general elections. We need strong voter participation at EVERY level of government.

2. Consider running for local, county or state office. We need Democrats to run in Carroll County. If you have questions about running for office, please contact the CC Democratic Central Committee. It can be found online at (contact form is on or email them at ccmdde…

Why? Because we need Democrats in every level of elected office. Democrats actually get things done for the people whatever level of government in which they serve.

3. Find a candidate to back and volunteer to help them during their run for office. Even if you don’t live in a municipality and cannot vote for a particular candidate, you can still volunteer your time for that person – to send out campaign literature or do electioneering at the polls at early voting or on election day.

By the way, there are still postcard writing campaigns going on through Postcards to Voters and Flip the West, to name two such groups. Though they are not related to local government here in Carroll County (at least not at this point), they are still great groups with which to be involved and will keep your activism well-exercised.

4. Become a paying member of the CC Democratic Club. If you are already a member, recruit other Democrats to become members. Membership costs only $15.00 (fifteen) per Club year per individual ($25 for a couple). We run a pretty lean, no frills budget for the essentials. We also have a separate fund called The Good Works Fund which donates to local organizations, charities, and causes. The money for TGWF has been raised in the past through donated gift basket raffles and 50-50 raffles at Club events. Since we haven’t been meeting in person and having events but have been making donations, we will need to replenish that Fund soon.

Once we can meet again in person, come to the meetings. Be active. Contribute. Volunteer. We need new ideas and new energy on a continuing basis. Once you get active in the Club, run for office in the Club. Committed membership becomes committed leadership.

Like I said, that’s a start to the list.

Take care of yourselves and stay well.

Kate Sanner
President of the CC Democratic Club



We now have 74 (was 72) members, in 50 (was 49) memberships, with at least 30 NEW/FIRST-TIME MEMBERS! AMAZING!
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Your CC Democratic Club in Action (UPDATED)

We may not be meeting in person, but the CC Democratic Club is still doing good in the community and speaking up on important issues.

Here are some of the Club’s latest initiatives:

  • The Club donated $100 to Days End Farm Horse Rescue in Woodbine (NEW)
  • The Club donated $250 in memory of Tommy Raskin (see the Note from the President, above)
  • The Club held its election year Sign Rally on Monday, November 2 from 6 – 6:30 PM.
  • Donated $100.00 through our Good Works Fund to The Shepherd’s Staff which serves those in crisis in Carroll County, Maryland
  • Donated $500.00 to the “Get Mitch or Die Trying” fund that donates to Democrats running in top Senate races. This fund splits evenly between Steve Bullock (MT), Sara Gideon (ME), MJ Hegar (TX), Jaime Harrison (SC), John Hickenlooper (CO), Alan Gross (AK), Mike Espy (MS), Jon Ossoff (GA), Doug Jones (AL), Gary Peters (MI), Theresa Greenfield (IA), Raphael Warnock(GA), Barbara Bollier (KS), and Cal Cunningham  (NC).
  • GOTV postcard campaign – The Club participated in sending Get Out the Vote postcards to Carroll County voters.
  • Sponsoring the Carroll County Democrats Victory Auction. Join the Carroll County Democratic Club in supporting Democratic candidates, values, and progress for all in Carroll County, MD.  Proceeds from this auction will go toward efforts to get Joe Biden elected, as well as Democratic candidates up and down the ticket.  Let’s have a Blue Wave in Carroll County in 2020!
  • July 2020: Contributed $100 through our Good Work’s Fund to Carroll County Food Sunday (CCFS).  “CCFS distributes a weekly, nutritionally balanced grocery package that is predicated on household size and is meant to last 3-4 days. It includes meat, eggs, fruits, vegetables, breads and milk. Over 400 families a week are served at our Westminster, Eldersburg and Taneytown locations.” Please go to their website – – to learn about their hours of operation and to learn how you can help. The need is so great right now for many families, please consider making your own contribution if you are able.
  • July 2020: Signed on in support of Maryland Citizens’ Health Initiative resolution titled “Health Equity Resource Communities Initiative”.
  • As the Maryland Citizens’ Health Initiative states “All Marylanders deserve access to high-quality, affordable health care. However, health inequities based on race, ethnicity, and place of residence persist throughout the state, as shown in maternal and infant mortality rates and other measures. The COVID-19 pandemic has further exposed these health inequities and highlighted the need to address them and otherwise improve health outcomes in our state. In underserved areas of the state, people with chronic conditions such as hypertension, heart disease, asthma, diabetes, and substance and mental health disorders have worse health outcomes and are less able to get the care and treatment they need.
    We are advocating for Maryland to create and fund Health Equity Resource Communities to help reduce health inequities. The Communities will provide grants, tax incentives, and health care provider loan repayment assistance to locations in the state with poor health outcomes that contribute to racial, ethnic, and geographic health inequities. They will be modeled after the successful 2012-2016 Health Enterprise Zones Program which successfully increased access to health resources, improved residents’ health, reduced hospital admissions, and created cost savings. Supporting health will help reduce preventable hospital admissions, which will result in lower overall health care costs, including lower insurance premiums for everyone.”
    To learn more, to get on to Maryland Citizens’ Health Initiative’s mailing list, or to have your organization endorse the Health Equity Resource Communities Resolution, go to
  • May 2020: Contributed $100 through our Good Work’s Fund to the Human Services Programs of Carroll County, Inc. (HSP). Their Director of Development was to have been our speaker at the Club’s May meeting which was cancelled due to COVID-19. The Club also participated with an entry titled ”It Takes A Village” in HSP’s 4th Annual Gingerbread Village Festival in November 2019.
    “HSP gives HOPE, inspires CHANGE, and provides OPPORTUNITY by mobilizing our community in the fight against poverty.”
    Hope, change, and opportunity are the driving forces behind everything we do at Human Services Programs of Carroll County, Inc. We believe that with the right support, everyone can embrace hope, make meaningful changes, and take advantage of opportunities that will lead to a fulfilling and self-sufficient life.”
    To learn more about HSP and to make a monetary donation during these critical times, please go to

The website page has also been updated:



Some folks were asking… Club meetings are on hold for now. We are looking into what would be required to hold Zoom meetings, and naturally in-person meetings will likely not resume for quite some time. Any meetings WILL be announced well in advance in this newsletter, and will also be listed on the CCDEMS Calendar:

Link to Amanda Gorman’s inaugural poem!

Good Article About Jamie Raskin

There was an excellent article in the Washington Post a few days ago about our favorite Congressman, Jamie Raskin.

Jamie Raskin’s mobile office info:

Learn about the “Black Lives Matter” Movement:

VOCAL Carroll County:


Get Your Coronavirus Mask! :

Request from the Humane Society of Carroll County:



May 20, 2021: CCDCC Victory Dinner RESCHEDULED – 

Mark your calendars!

The Carroll County Democratic Central Committee has RESCHEDULED its Annual Victory Dinner and Silent Auction, for Thursday, MAY 20, 2021 at Martin’s Westminster. NOTE THE NEW DATE! (Changed from September 2020)


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