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CCDemClub NEWSLETTER #240, 10/14/2021
Note from the President
Choice March Photos 
Upcoming Club Meetings
* Monday, November 8, at 7pm
* Saturday October 30 CCDCC Breakfast: CANCELLED
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Note from the President
Dear friends,
Thanks to all of you who attended our Club meeting this past Monday. Our guest
speaker was Tom Scanlan, retired CCPS teacher and candidate for the CC Board of
Education (CCBOE) in the 2022 election cycle. Tom provided us some great information
about the workings of the CCBOE and shared his vision for a Board that restores
community and common sense to our schools, with excellence as its goal.
Our next meeting will take place on the second Monday of November – November 8 th at
7PM on Zoom. This is a departure from our regular meeting schedule, so please make
sure to note the change. Of course, you will be receiving reminders and an email
invitation to attend. The speaker at next month’s meeting will be Amanda Jozkowski
who is also a candidate for the CCBOE in the 2022 election cycle. I am certain this will
be another informative presentation, so I hope you can attend.
As I mentioned at the meeting, I am including in the newsletter the activist groups we
can ally with to help support Democratic candidates and get out the vote efforts across
the country.
Take care everyone and stay well.
Kate Sanner, President of the CC Democratic Club
Choice March Photos
Here are some photos from the Choice March in Westminster Saturday October 4.
All photos are by, and courtesy of, Mitch Edelman.[782, 791, 794, 799, 807]

Upcoming Club Meetings
* Monday, November 8, at 7pm
NOTE: This is the SECOND Monday, rather than the usual first Monday.
The schedule speaker is Amanda Jozkowski, Board of Education candidate.
Please reply to this newsletter if you wish to attend. You will then receive a copy of the meeting invitation link.
* Saturday October 30 CCDCC Breakfast, 9am – Noon: CANCELLED!
Due to the rising number of COVID cases in Carroll County, the Breakfast is cancelled.
If you are interested in helping protect Virginia's Democratic trifecta this year by encouraging Democratic-leaning voters in Virginia to vote, here are some resources. Please note that these resources have been active for the last few years and will continue to be active in other upcoming elections.
Swing Left 
Launched in January of 2017, “Swing Left is building a lasting culture of grassroots participation in winning elections for the Left by making it as easy as possible for anyone to have maximum impact on the elections that determine the balance of power in our country.
When you sign up with Swing Left, you’ll receive updates about ways to take impactful
– Join a Swing Left Group
– Join the Immediate Impact Team to take action when it matters most
– Write letters to voters with Vote Forward
– Donate to candidates in the closest races
– Invest in democracy with Blueprint”
Find them online at
Vote Forward 
“Vote Forward is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization. Our mission is to empower grassroots volunteers to encourage their fellow citizens in underrepresented communities to vote. We build tools to facilitate communications between Americans to help strengthen our democracy.
The project began as an experiment conducted by Scott Forman () in Alabama in 2017. Encouraged by the success of that test, Scott and a small group of friends and fellow Opower alumni built the first version of this platform to empower volunteers to take easy and effective action.”
Find them online at:
Allies for Democracy 
“ALLIES FOR DEMOCRACY, previously known as Allies for PA 2020 and sponsor of the Democracy Dialers campaign (, is a grassroots group based in Baltimore County, Maryland, working to build the blue wave since 2018. Questions or comments? Reach us at or ask to join our Google group, Allies for Democracy.”
We were fortunate to have Cindy Sheffield of Allies for Democracy speak to our Club a few months ago.
Postcards to Voters (PTV)
If you would like to get involved in getting Democrats elected but can’t see yourself doing phone-baking or door-to-door canvassing, then postcard writing may be for you. Writing postcards to voters is one of the best ways to reach out to voters around the country about their local elections or to sign up for vote by mail. There are elections going on right now (with many more to come next year) and you can be part of getting Democrats elected by writing friendly, handwritten postcards. As a volunteer postcard writer, you will provide the postcards, stamps, and time, PTV will provide what to write, thorough instructions, and addresses of voters.
To learn more about becoming an authorized writer, go to
Grassroots Activist Groups and Nationwide Activist Groups 
This information has been moved to
About the Club
We work to promote Democratic ideals and candidates. We also present speakers on topics of interest to voters at our meetings. We’re based in Westminster. Our email address is
Officers and meeting information:
The newsletter will always have the LATEST information on upcoming meetings.
The meeting minutes are posted in our Google Group folder:
We are now in the 2021-2022 club year (club years run May-May).
We had a HUGE turnout at the picnic, with a LOT of new members, and
people are still joining, including some who found us on Facebook.
We now have 61 paid members, in 42 memberships,
with 17 NEW/FIRST-TIME MEMBERS, including family memberships!
(We even have FOUR paid members for NEXT year, 2022-23.)
Our latest new members are Julie Ford-Mount and David Mount – welcome!
To join by check OR PayPal:
About the Newsletter
We send out a weekly newsletter listing all the news and upcoming events for the next month or so, emphasizing the newly-added or updated events.  NEW and UPDATED items are marked and highlighted. For information on joining the club, see “About the Club” at the end of the newsletter. Any problems, or to submit items for the newsletter, email For new items, include a URL if possible.
As always, you can also go to at any time to see the full calendar and details.
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– Mark
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Jamie Raskin:  Contact his district staff at 301-354-1000 if you need any assistance.
Moving Forward Podcast: , with host Kate Sanner.
To get on the  Carroll County Democratic Central Committee’s mailing list, email Tom Scanlan at .
To give DIRECTLY to the local food bank, Carroll County Food Sunday, go to the CCFS donation page:
This page is always available, and ensures your donation directly benefits folks here in Carroll County.
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